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Dukes Transnational is a foremost public and private sector development and management consultancy firm recognized in result oriented special services.

As an organization, we are deeply involved in evolving the African nations into countries meeting their set objectives and meeting their mandates to the people, especially as regards the achievements of the sustainable development goals in Africa.

Our priorities are directed towards delivering exceptional performance, we add value by positively impacting the orientation of African Governments, especially in public service through our human capacity building avenues such as our:

  • Strategic Management Retreats
  • Special Training Sessions (STS)
  • Strategic Enlightenment Forum (SEF)
  • Bespoke Solutions Initiative

our services

What We Do Best

customized training

Bringing customized delivery to the comfort of your offices and offices, using onsite needs analysis and multiple interviews. We provided 1-on-1 Coaching / Mentorship – focused and impactful interventions for senior managers

development & Leadership training

Development Peojects, Management, Development & Leadership, Organizational Development
, Gender & Women Development

blended solution

We provide Management solution in the area of Finance, Accounting & Auditing, Debt Recovery, Project Management, HR & Training, Industry & Healthcare, Health & Safety, Public Relations, Monitoring and Evaluation, Strategic Management ,

exhibition and conferences

Dukes Transnational has been a leading exhibition and conference organiser and we continue to branch out into new territories across the globe, we organise events in emerging markets and on the continent of Africa.

Managed events

We offers clients a comprehensive360˚ project and event management solution. Our dedicated event managers draw on unrivalled experience gained from years of successful global conference and exhibition management

project management

With an experienced faculty learned in project management, our tried and tested methods are guaranteed to help you manage each stage of a project’s lifecycle to achieve your desired goals in each given project

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

At Dukes Transnational we treat your project as ours. Our unique offering is a complete spectrum of experiences – all delivered with passion, intelligence and distinction. We have a trail of customer satisfaction and testimonials, a proven record of elevating the performance of our clients.




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